Submission Guidelines

Authors are strongly advised to follow the submission guidelines stringently and type their text inside the manuscript template file. The details of the text format are highlighted in red. They should be deleted after the manuscript has been typed. However, no other changes should be made to:

  • page head section
  • page margins
  • page numbering
  • interline (spacing between the lines)
  • spacing between paragraphs
  • paragraph alignment
  • section/sub-section titles

Particular attention should be paid to the punctuation of in-text references and the References section. The latter illustrates how to provide the details of various kinds of publications, including: monographs, articles in edited monographs, journal articles and online resources.

Additional guidelines

1. Articles submitted should not to exceed the length of 17 pages, in all, unless it is justified by the nature of a particular submission.
2. Label appendices with Roman numerals.
3. For in-text references follow the sample paper.
4. Use italics for emphasis. Reserve quotation marks for quotations exclusively!
5. Provide page numbers in references for quotations only.
6. The bibliography list is supposed to be compatible with APA style.
7. Do not insert URLs (http://…) or email addresses as hyperlinks, but as plain text (no underlining).
8. Paragraphs are supposed to be indented, thus they are not to be followed by a blank line, unless they are followed by a block quote or a section title (follow the sample paper) .
9. For figures and tables, follow APA style.
10. When inserting captions below images, please use the Insert Caption option available from the context menu of an image (right click on an image for the context menu) in MS Word.
11. Do not use footnotes.