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Copyright Policy

The TETS Journal is a copyrighted periodical. The journal articles can be downloaded free of charge and used for academic purposes. However, the publishing of copyrighted material in digital or printed form by other publishers is strictly prohibited. Copyrighted material can also be disseminated as part of electronic course packs or delivered to students and researchers electronically via learning management systems, e.g. Moodle, on condition that access is provided through hyperlinks to the relevant TETS Journal webpage.

Copyright Statement for TETS JournalĀ  Authors

It is the policy of the TETS Journal that authors transfer copyright to the Journal of Translator Education and Translation Studies. Authors are not permitted to reprint their articles on which the TETS Journal holds copyright in books, unless the articiles are updated and the TETS Journal issues a written consent for a reprint. Authors may post a pre-review version of their article manuscript to websites as long as the TETS Journal copyright is acknowledged; However, the host site, e.g. a university website or server, mus not repackage any TETS Journal copyrighted material with other electronic content for whatever educational, commercial, or any other purpose.

If you have any questions about the TETS Journal copyright policy, please use the Contact Form to post your query.