Copyright for authors

All authors who submit their manuscripts for publication in the TETS Journal are required to read and follow the copyright policy stated below:

  1. Authors are permitted to submit for publication only original articles which have not been published in any format before.
  2. It is the policy of the TETS Journal that copyright remains with the authors, who can disseminate their articles freely on condition that they acknowledge the Journal of Translator Education and Translation Studies as the original source.
  3. Authors are not permitted to reprint the articles on which the TETS Journal holds copyright in books, unless the articles are updated and the TETS Journal issues a written consent for a reprint.
  4. Authors may upload the final, post-review version of their manuscript to websites (e.g. university websites or file sharing sites) as long as the TETS Journal is acknowledged as the original source. However, the host site must not repackage any TETS Journal copyrighted material with other electronic content for educational, commercial or any other purposes.
  5. If you have further questions about the TETS Journal copyright policy, please use the Contact Form to post your query.